Essure sterilization

Essure is different and more beneficial than other forms of birth control. It is the first non-invasive procedure to provide permanent and effective birth control with zero pregnancies in the clinical trials.


Early and regular visits to your obstetrician are critically important during your pregnancy. The care you receive throughout your pregnancy is vital to your health and the health of your unborn child.


This “window” into the womb has profound social and psychological applications as well. Peering into the baby’s world allows for a whole new appreciation for the miracle unfolding within the mother’s belly.


Since early detection is important in treating nearly every condition, especially diseases like cancer, regular exams can help spot any abnormalities right away.

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Our practice is solely devoted to obstetrics and gynecology, health care for women. You come to us for your physicals and other examinations, for diagnosing and treating your problems. Fertility problems, patient counseling, office and operative gynecology are also included in our services. Our purpose is to provide you with the highest quality obstetrical and gynecological care in pleasant surroundings. At Albany OB-Gyn, our patients are our number one priority.

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What a wonderful doctor!! Caring and intelligent. He really loves what he does. Dr. Andrew Michas has a great bed side manner and is a wonderful surgeon!! There is no other doctor that is anywhere near as nice or smart as Dr. Michas. I feel so blessed that he delivered both of my children!!


She treated me like a peer and took time to consider my questions. Went out of her way to talk about how to reduce scaring. I’m very impressed with her.

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