Our Mission and Specialty

Our practice is solely devoted to obstetrics and gynecology, health care for women. You come to us for your physicals and other examinations, for diagnosing and treating your problems. Fertility problems, patient counseling, office and operative gynecology are also included in our services. Our purpose is to provide you with the highest quality obstetrical and gynecological care in pleasant surroundings. At Albany OB-Gyn, our patients are our number one priority.


Our Medical Philosophy

Gynecologic Care: The best treatment of disease is its prevention.  Routine examinations often detect disease at the time you have the best chance of cure, the early stages of disease development. For this reason we encourage our patients to come for regular check ups. Based on your personal medical history, your physician will advise you as to how often you should come.

Because your physician choice is so personal to you, we support your right to choose your own private physician among our well-qualified doctors.

Obstetrical Care:  At Albany OB-Gyn, deliveries are performed by physicians only. A group practice such as ours assures your access to continuous care during your pregnancy. During your pregnancy, we request that you see all of our physicians. The physician “on-call” when you go into labor will manage your labor and delivery.  Please visit our OB Care page for immediate information on obstetrical care.

Education:  We feel strongly that you need to know what is happening to you. We strive to educate.  We provide excellent educational training, including a full film library, numerous educational pamphlets and individualized assistance with breastfeeding and related parenting issues and for understanding your gynecologic problems. We provide prepared childbirth classes in our office to help prepare your for childbirth.